Trainwreck PosterIt’s been a while since Judd Apatow has actually directed a film. With Trainwreck, Apatow is not only back, he seems ready to help make stand-up comedian Amy Schumer a bona fide movie star. Schumer has been gaining incredibly massive popularity for her original yet controversial comedy. From life issues to sex to subverting cultural stereotypes, she is that rare female comic who could stand up to the big boys in the business like the Kevin Harts and the Louis C.K.’s. But Trainwreck is not quite an extension of her shows Inside Amy Schumer or even Mostly Sex Stuff. It’s a fully exceptional romantic comedy that injects some new life into the genre by focusing on a fully relatable female protagonist.

Schumer plays Amy, a writer for a men’s magazine who is afraid of any sort of commitment when it comes to relationships. This phobia may have been drilled in her head by her father (Colin Quinn), as we see in a flashback where he has them reciting the phrase “monogamy is unrealistic.” Now as a grown woman she follows her father’s advice as she goes from guy to guy. She is stuck in this pattern until she accidentally falls for the handsome sports doctor named Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) who she’s writing an article about for her magazine. She begins to question whether or not her loving father’s advice was sound.

Amy Schumer

As a romantic comedy, Trainwreck is both funny and charming in that Judd Apatow sort of way, which means it’s fully of witty, raunchy humour with a charming perspective on life that is also oddly relatable. From the excitement of meeting someone new to the fears associated with getting to know them on an intimate level, Amy Schumer’s script never really loses steam, and it offers us a uniquely female perspective. We are used to seeing rom coms that is typically the girl always wanting the guy. We don’t often get to see a film where the girl is in control. For me that’s what made me want to see this film. That idea is what impressed me and makes Trainwreck stand out from most rom coms. Although this does film cater to everyone who would enjoy a modern romantic comedy film.

Amy Schumer and Bill Hader

Amy Schumer had fantastic comedic timing. Her delivery was on point and I was waiting to see what would happen next. She was entertaining in her role as well. Amy and Bill Hader have good chemistry in their scenes, going from clever banter to serious talk rather seamlessly. There are a ton of cameos in the film as well. Aaron’s friend and relationship advisor is none other than Lebron James. Both Hader and James look like they were just having a lot fun with it. Even in his brief scenes, Colin Quinn was hilarious as Amy’s father. You can see his motivation was to try and protect his girls from getting hurt. His character definitely left an impact on the film. Sadly though I felt Amy’s best friend was just there and didn’t have much of a supporting role. Like most romantic comedies, the supporting characters are often just as interesting as the main characters, but too often they get dropped around the end of the second act, and this film is no different. Perhaps they could have done away with all the celebrity cameos, which happen almost as often as they did in the Entourage movie.

Lebron James and Bill Hader

Overall, Trainwreck is a fresh and funny take on a typical romantic comedy. It delivers a unique perspective on the genre. I would like to see more films where the girl has the say in the relationship. I would not just recommend this film to anyone who likes romantic comedies but to any fan of Schumer’s brand of comedy.

Written by Lorin B. Toyman


  • Great chemistry between the leads
  • Comedic timing
  • Amy Schumer fans will have a great time


  • Predictable romantic comedy plot twists
  • Too many cameo appearances
  • Underdeveloped supporting characters

Final Score:  7 / 10

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