2017 OscarsComplete with an M. Night Shyamalan style twist ending in the spirit of Steve Harvey, the 2017 Oscars lit up social media last night with the most memorable “Best Picture” flub in the show’s 89 year history. Twitter went from tweets about how the night mimicked the “what if” ending of La La Land to Steve Harvey/Miss Universe memes to tweets about whether the Presidential election needs correcting too. The diversity of the tweets can be seen as a comedic reaction to a very diverse awards show, which included multiple winners across multiple films. If there was one thing uniting all the winners though, it was the politically charged cry of acceptance, tolerance, and celebrating diversity that became the undertone of most of the acceptance speeches. Of course it was all aimed at Donald Trump, but only host Jimmy Kimmel actually said the President’s name.

2017 Oscars

Donald Trump & Matt Damon Were Kimmel’s Big Targets

Wasting virtually no time, host Jimmy Kimmel gave some pretty big laughs throughout the show. His jokes were mostly aimed at President Trump, even mocking the slogan “Make America Great Again” to berating Meryl Streep as the most overrated actress of all time. He even tried live-tweeting the President.

When he wasn’t mocking Trump, he continued his faux feud with Matt Damon for the majority of his other material. This schtick comes from an ongoing joke from his late night show, and obviously Matt Damon was in on this.

Later, Kimmel came under fire for his jokes that mocked certain difficult to pronounce ethnic names, but these were few and far between.

2017 Oscars

It Was Still La La Land‘s Night

Early on in the evening, it became apparent that La La Land was not going to “clean house” as many analysts expected. Losing three straight awards in Costume Design, Sound Mixing, and Sound Editing, the awards became divided up among other nominated films like Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The film quickly recovered though and ended the night with 6 wins. These wins included Best Music and Best Original Song. Emma Stone won for Best Actress, and Damien Chazelle became the youngest director in history to win the Best Director Oscar at just 32 years old.

Moonlight book-ended the night with a Best Supporting Actor win for Mahershala Ali and it’s Best Picture announcement. It also garnered a win for Best Adapted Screenplay. The film earned 3 Oscars last night. Hacksaw Ridge and Manchester by the Sea won 2 Oscars each. This includes Casey Affleck’s controversial win for Best Actor.

The Oscar Winning Suicide Squad

It may have released one of the most critically panned and audience divided films of the year, but the DCEU now has one up on Marvel; it has an Oscar behind its belt. Suicide Squad won for Best Makeup, and it immediately set social media ablaze.

2017 Oscars

Now About That Best Picture Mess Up

Warren Beatty’s dumbfounded look as he read the envelope kicked off the show’s awkward end. Announcing La La Land as the Best Picture winner, producer Jordan Horowitz was in the middle of his acceptance speech when the commotion backstage happened.

Apparently the wrong envelope was given to Warren Beatty. The envelope read “Emma Stone, La La Land” as Beatty told the equally dumbfounded audience while the show tried to correct itself. Price Waterhouse Cooper, the company in charge of the envelopes, has launched an investigation into the error.

2017 Oscars

Regardless, Horowitz graciously announced that there was a mistake, that Moonlight was the correct 2017 Oscars Best Picture winner. When the correct card was found, Horowitz held it up so everyone in attendance and at home could see. As Jimmy Kimmel made jokes to lighten the tension, and as La La Land‘s cast and crew awkwardly left the stage, it didn’t give Moonlight‘s producer and director Barry Jenkins much time to give a speech. He did graciously thank La La Land as well as admit how surreal this night has become.

It was certainly a welcome twist to a night filled with mostly unpredictable winners. While I adored La La Land and was perfectly fine with it winning Best Picture, the Moonlight correction made me smile, since I do believe the latter is not only the better film, but the more socially relevant one.


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Written by Edward Boxler


  • - Unpredictable night
  • - If you hate Trump, you now know the majority of the world film industry does too


  • - Too long
  • - Also, there was a flub in the "In Memoriam" section

Final Score:  7 / 10

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