Audiences trusted their instincts, which the critics only confirmed, and stayed clear for the most part from Fantastic Four.  The severely underwhelming reboot opened to dismal reviews and took a pummeling beside Tom Cruise and the IMF as Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation claimed a second straight victorious week.

Rogue Nation earned $29.4 million as reported by Box Office Mojo as the number one film over the weekend. Thanks to strong word of mouth, the film has earned over $108 million domestically in just two weeks of release.

That’s the number that Fox most likely will have to write off for Fantastic Four.  The film’s dismal “C-“ Cinemascore, signaling poor word of mouth, seemed to have spread like wildfire from Thursday evening advanced screenings.  The film fell way short of its forecasted $45+ million dollar opening, only mustering $26.2 million for the Friday-Sunday haul, and that includes Thursday night screenings.  To put this into even more perspective, the 2005 Fantastic Four opened to $56 million in a time when ticket prices were cheaper.  Despite that film being widely hated, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer still managed to open at $58 million in 2007.

Ever since word of its production troubles with director Josh Trank as well as rumours saying Matthew Vaughn had to take a break off of X-Men: Apocalypse to do extensive reshoots on the film, burning through the cash reserved for a 3D conversion, Fantastic Four has not been able to catch a break.  The film has not yet opened overseas, but its international appeal would have to be the complete flipside in order for Fox to keep this from being a complete flop.

On an unrelated plus side, Christmas came early for actor turned writer/director Joel Edgerton.  His horror mystery, The Gift, came in third place with a better than expected $12 million opening, successfully putting the $5 million production in the black and another win for Blumhouse Pictures.  The film, starring Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall, has garnered rave reviews and currently holds a 7.8 user rating on IMDB.

The Meryl Streep-starring music film Ricki and the Flash opened to just $7 million.  Word of mouth may keep this one afloat.  Shaun the Sheep couldn’t even crack the top ten, but it’s already made well over $60 million overseas, where its target audience is anyway.  Odds are this film will gain most of its domestic fan base on home video.

Box Office Mojo has reported the following weekend box office results:

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation   $29.4 M

Fantastic Four   $26.2 M

The Gift   $12.01 M

Vacation   $9.15 M

Ant-Man   $7.83 M

Minions   $7.4 M

Ricki and the Flash   $7 M

Trainwreck   $6.3 M

Pixels   $5.43 M

Southpaw   $4.76

Written by Edward Boxler

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