Creating your schedule for the Toronto International Film Festival can be quite daunting.  Unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on multiple packages and a job that allows you to take ten consecutive days off, choosing a few select films is hard.  That leaves us reading reviews from critics at the festival, or looking to see for names we recognize.

Today is September 14, the fifth day of TIFF.  We’re almost at the halfway point and so far there has been some incredibly strong entries that are destined for success like Jeremy Saulnier’s Green Room, Yorgos Lanthimos’ The Lobster, and many more.

If you’re heading down to the festival today and are unsure what to see (assuming you haven’t bought any tickets yet), here are four films screening today that are on my radar:


Red Carpet Premiere – Hyena Road

Canadian’s big budget blockbuster for the year is from director Paul Gross.  Hyena Road is a war movie about Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, focusing on three different soldiers from three different points of the war.


Red Carpet Premiere – Black Mass

Buzz that this will be Johnny Depp’s return to form has catapulted this film to the top of many people’s must-see list.  If you can get a ticket (rush or on you will be in the same room as many of the film’s stars.


World Cinema – Incident Light

                Shot mostly in black and white, this 1960s set love story focuses on a woman trying to raise her twin daughters while coping with her husband’s unexpected death.  From Spanish director Ariel Rotter, Incident Light promises to be an absorbing, artful drama, and makes its world premiere this afternoon.


Midnight Madness – The Girl in the Photographs

                Wes Craven’s final film, of which he produced, is a creepy little crime drama about a young woman being harassed by brutal photos of young women being murdered.  This leads the media to invade the small town to find out if this is some kind of twisted prank or the work of a new serial killer.

Written by Edward Boxler

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