It’s a pretty bold statement to try and argue the following ten films as the worst comic book movies of all time. Comic book movies have matured over the years. We’ve had such classics as The Dark Knight, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dredd, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, all of which have shown these types of films have come a long way from the days of Batman Forever, X-Men: The Last Stand, Judge Dredd, and The Punisher.  But in the light of a certain recent comic book movie flop, I felt it fitting to compile a list of the comic book movies that I think are the worst of the worst:


Batman and Robin

10. Batman & Robin

The last Batman film before Nolan gained control of the franchise needs no introduction. Poor dialogue, some thing that looks like Bane, awful performances, terrible set designs, and let’s not forget the Bat credit card. Hard to believe I have it this low on the list.


Spider-Man 3

9. Spider-Man 3

A convoluted mess. The Goblin’s outfit was not designed, a pathetic Sandman backstory thrown in with Peter Parker’s relationship with the Symbiote. Also, as of this moment, this is the only cinematic portrayal of Venom. The disrespect to that character alone earns this a spot on the list.


Superman IV

8. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Low budget special effects, poor dialogue, no effort into creating a proper superhero and failure to give Superman any kind of justice. This film is awful.


Captain America

7. Captain America

This 1990 release was supposed to be a child-friendly film but what we got was an overly violent one instead. Talk about the opposite of its intention. The script was all over the place with a lack of direction. In the end, it had fans questioning if this was indeed a comic book adaption.



6. Catwoman

Halle Berry proudly accepting her 2004 Razzie is the best thing to come out of this movie. A pathetic attempt to adapt Catwoman on screen. The adaptation wasn’t true to the original story. The costume also didn’t live it up the character’s persona. Had more effort been put forth during production the film could have been so much better.


fantastic four 2005

5. Fantastic Four 

2005 saw the first real attempt to adapt this group of superheroes to the big screen. It was an unfunny, campy, and uninteresting mess that completely destroyed Dr. Doom as a tumultuous villain. The story wasn’t that strong to carry through out the film. Reed and Sue’s relationship didn’t quite show all the chemistry that fans were hoping for. It was noticeable that the film was just trying to lure off the success of the then only two X-Men movies.


Green Lantern

4. Green Lantern

Green Lantern falls short of doing the character any kind of respect. Although the cast tried to work with what they got in their script, most of the story took place on Earth instead of Oa. Sadly the end result didn’t cut it and we were left with another fail. The awful CGI didn’t help.


Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

3. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

The worst part of the film is not the poor acting, lack of onscreen chemistry between the leads, its special effects, or lack of character development. It’s the films choppy, ADHD-influenced editing style that makes the film feel like an acid trip instead of a narrative. This is a complete, incoherent mess with no direction or appeal to anyone with an attention span that lasts longer than ten seconds.



2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

In my opinion, this film is far worse that X3. Not only did this film completely miss the mark on adapting one of the Marvel universe’s most popular and beloved characters in his own film, no one working on this film seemed to care what else they were destroying.  This film managed to also disrespect two other popular characters – Deadpool and Gambit.  Hugh Jackman is a great actor but even he felt like he was phoning in his performance here.  This film is an abomination to almost everything that we like comic book movies for.


fantastic four 2015

1. Fantastic Four

The film is about two weeks old, and yet I can’t remember being more disgusted by a movie. You can’t seem to care about the characters at all including some of the worst dialogue and CGI I’ve ever seen. At least in all the other movies listed here, there is something happening.  This is not the case with the 2015 adaptation of these comic characters. Right now the film is getting a lot of buzz over the on set antics of its director and the studio. But once it has died down, I have no doubt this film will be seen as the Battlefield Earth of comic book movies.

Written by Lorin B. Toyman

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