Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures can bring a sigh of relief as their mission was accomplished. The fifth installment of the $2 billion grossing Mission: Impossible franchise was the clear winner of the box office this weekend with an estimated $56 million domestically.  Add to that another $65 million in the international market, and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation has grossed an impressive $121 million worldwide.  This should prove to keep the $150 million production in the black before the end of its theatrical run.

According to Variety, the film over-performed by 40% as forecasts had it pegged for an opening of around $40 million.  Domestically, Rogue Nation is the second best opening for the franchise, just behind Mission: Impossible 2, which opened at $57 million.  It’s also the third best opening for actor Tom Cruise, behind War of the Worlds‘ $65 million weekend.  But Rogue Nation should definitely build some steam as stellar reviews and strong word of mouth might keep it on track to give next week’s Fantastic Four a run for its money.

Vacation couldn’t even remotely catch Cruise as the R-rated comedy pulled in a putrid $14.8 million. Still, the $31 million production doesn’t have as long to go to turn a profit.  Terrible reviews might have kept audiences away, but its A- Cinemascore might help it in the coming weeks.  Still, the film is tracking way below studio estimates.

Rounding out the top five are Ant-ManMinions, and Pixels.  Of those three, Pixels is the only film that has severely under-performed.  Both Ant-Man and Minions are holding over extremely well.  That can’t be said for Paper Towns, which hasn’t been able to be anywhere near as successful as last year’s The Fault in Our Stars.  To date, Paper Towns hasn’t even grossed $25 million.  Trainwreck, Southpaw, Inside Out, and Jurassic World rounded out the top ten.

Unfortunately, Terminator Genisys is off the charts.  The hopeful Arnold vehicle and franchise reboot has pulled in $87 million domestically, becoming the first since the original film to fail to crack $100 million.  Whether Paramount decides to push ahead with a sequel remains to be seen.

Written by Edward Boxler

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